A Rundown of Ridiculous Government Raids and Shutdowns

The federal government is really getting it’s raid on, but forget terrorist cells or right-wing militias. No
the real threats are lemonade stands, green tea, student loans, toy guns, food trucks, guitars and cupcakes.

Lemonade Stands

- Coralville, Iowa: Police close down four year old girl’s lemonade stand for breaking a city ordinance.

- Midway, Georiga: Police shut down a couple of kid’s lemonade stand.

- Portland, Oregon: Inspectors shut down the lemonade stand of seven-year-old Julie Murphy because she failed to acquire the $120 license necessary to operate.

- Bethesda, Maryland: County inspector shut down lemonade stand of a couple young boys and fined
the parents $500 after a few warnings.


- Chappaqua, New York: A politician called the police on two 13-year-old boys selling cupcakes and other baked goods without the proper permits.

Green Tea

- Hull, Massachusetts: Police shut down a 12-year-old boy’s green tea stand (because not just lemonade stands will do).


- Gibson Guitars: The government raids Gibson Guitars for some random problem (the use of Indian wood or something like that) and then, allegedly recommended they manufacture their guitars in Madagascar. That will sure help our trade deficit.

Raw Milk

- Pennsylvania: Government agents raid the Amish for selling raw milk. Raw milk is apparently evil in
our government’s eyes.

- Venice, California:  Government agents raid Rawesome Foods for, yes, selling raw milk.

Student Loans

- A father was dragged out of his home by a SWAT team in front of his children because the police were looking to collect his wife’s student loans. Yeah, defaults on student loans can be problematic.

Toy Guns

- Cornelius, Oregon: The ATF seized a shipment of 30 toy guns from a local businessman. The ATF valued the loot at $12,000… hmmm…

Food Trucks

- Hawthorne, California: A dozen or so food trucks evicted from the Best Buy parking lot by Hawthorne officials.

- Miami, Florida: City officials attempt to regulate out-of-existence food trucks.

- New York, New York: “Treat Trucks” and other such food trucks were told they are no longer welcome by police.


- Los Angeles, California: DEA, FBI and IRS raid Westside pot dispensaries despite California legalizing medical Marijuana.

- Michigan: DEA agents traumatize a retired military translator in a drug raid that just happened to be on the wrong house, oops.

Well, I for one am glad to know our myriad of government agencies budget their time and resources so effectively.

Photo Credit (preview): The Huffington Post


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