Top Five Most Popular YouTube Videos

In a shameless attempt to increase the number of visitors to this site, I present the top five most popular Youtube videos that aren’t music videos. You can see the most popular videos here, and as you can tell, most of them are just music videos unfortunately. Apparently, now that Viacom and what not have realized they can make more money by advertising before said videos instead of trying to get them taken down, music videos are all over the place:  1) Justin Bieber (ugh), 2) Jennifer Lopez (ughh), 3) Shakira (ugghh) and 4) Lady Gaga (ugghhh) and on it goes. Anyways, here are the top five, most popular, non-music video, YouTube videos (all view counts based on 4/28/2012):

1. “Charlie bit my finger – again!” (449,209,111 Views, #6 overall, not particularly suprising)

2. Tootin’ Bathub Baby Cousins – Official” (235,233,837 Views, #22 Overall, perhaps another unfortunate sign of cultural decay)

 3. “An Experiment” (227,393,560 Views, #24 Overall, this one is simply baffling)

4. “The Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply” (194,980,055 Views, #30 Overall, alright this one is good)

5. “Pregnancy Booster Clomid (Pregnancy Health Guru) (177,247,516 views, OK… I certainly didn’t expect this one)

Note: You could consider “The Gummy Bear Song – Long English Version” to be the real “5th” because while it’s sort of a music video, it’s also sort of just a weird and nonsensical mess.


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