Let’s Ban Profits: Peter Schiff Has Fun with the DNC

Sorry if I’m late with this one, but it’s still worth it. And you thought only Republicans said stupid things:


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  • Ilir Deebran

    It’s impossible to understand economic class without having a better understanding of economic growth. Alex Gheg has a new consumer theory that gives us a scale for growth that measures previously hidden thoughts. We can measure utility growth using the body clock. Quantity, quality, variety and convenience in one equation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6tFLGpcOpE

  • Deb

    Yes, let’s please ban profits. Then all these greedy pricks will realize that not everyone is motivated by financial gain – it’s just them, a tiny but vocal minority of monsters. In my long life the best workers, the best bosses, and the best people were the ones who spent more time relieving the poor than they did whining about a marginal tax increase. So please, raise taxes on the pigs who have the gall to call themselves ‘job creators,’ – either they’ll shut up and pay, or they’ll quit and make room for someone much more qualified. Hopefully then I won’t have to hear their endless bitching whenever I go to play a round of golf or get on a plane. Talk about a win-win situation!

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