The Visual Representation of Our Very Slow Recovery

Russ Roberts, who hosts the brilliant EconTalk, talks with John Taylor about the extremely slow recovery to our current recession and how that doesn’t match up with previous recessions. Previous recessions and recoveries have been either deep and brisk or mild and slow. This one has been deep and slow. Their discussion is well worth a listen:

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  • Bob Bobertson

    Not all recessions are created equal. Some recessions are mere lulls in the business cycle. Other recessions have the added pizzazz of a colossal housing bust and the terror of a world financial crisis. See Rogoff and Reinhardt’s recent paper. They find that when compared to past recoveries, this recovery has been quite nice. How so? They compare apples to apples. Conversely, your post compares apples to oranges. Like I said, and as the authors of the mentioned study explain, not all recessions are the same. We wouldn’t compare a recovery from a paper cut to a recovery from a gunshot to the face.

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