My Thoughts on the Presidential Election or How Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Cured My Interest in Politics

I must be the most ill-informed political blogger there is out there right now, at least when it comes to current events. Oh how things change… where I once had my finger on the pulse of the political zeitgeist, here on the eve of the Presidential election, I admit I have hardly paid attention. My intellectual pursuits of late have been on work-related material (real estate investment) and more historical matters that don’t relate to today’s happenings in any way other than the abstract. One might think this would put me at a bit of a disadvantage in making some insightful comment on our current pick the ruler you least dislike escapade. I think otherwise.

Indeed, I have caught enough to make a few observations. 1) This is obviously the most important election in our lifetimes. 2) The Republicans have never been more conservative than today. 3) The Democrats have never been more liberal than today. 4) If Bill Clinton were eligible for a third term, he would garner some 70% of the vote… and the Democrats are well aware of that.

From the little bit of political chatter I’ve heard from the inevitable campaign ads I’ve seen and occasional talking head bloviation I’ve encountered, we have two diametrically-opposite choices.

The first is our current president: Barack Hussein Obama. He was very possibly born in Keyna, best friends with a terrorist, went to a church lead by leftist revolutionaries while simultaneously being a Muslim and mentored by a communist atheist. He leads a party that is slightly left of Che Guevara and would like to legalize fourth term abortions. They also intend to take your guns, but have decided, for no reason whatsoever, to wait until Obama’s second term to do it. Same goes for his plan to surrender the United States to the third world. If he’s re-elected, Christianity will be abolished, freedom of speech redefined to nothing but support of the state and ultra-correct PC platitudes (purges/Gulags will take care of any thought-offenders), Agenda 21 will eliminate private property, The Bolshevik party will become the only political party in the country and somehow we will have a Godless, European-like dystopian socialist nightmare mixed with Theocratic (the bad kind, i.e. Islamic) Sharia-Law state.

If Mitt Romney-a man who made his fortune by firing people from highly profitable companies for no reason-wins and the Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, things will be even worse, however. The poor will be taxed to build gold-plated yachts for the mega-rich who’s taxes will be slashed by the way (from 35% to, umm, well 35%). All immigrants, legal and illegal will be deported (a bridge over the Bering Straight will be built to send those Native Americans back to Asia from whence they came). The House of Representatives and Senate will be replaced with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley respectively. BP will buy out the EPA, slavery will be reinstated, homosexuals will be burned at the stake and rape will become mandatory. (Consensual sex will, of course, be outlawed.)

The hyperbole behind all of this simply amazes me, although not as much as the Facebook updates my friends make from time to time. One posted an open letter that read as follows:

Here’s the thing: if Romney wins, it validates a strategy that, if adopted by my team too, will make America pretty much ungovernable. From the day Obama was inaugurated, the Republican strategy has been to refuse to cooperate on virtually every issue, to fight every piece of legislation, to block every nomination, and even to threaten to kill clearly needed legislation in the style of a hostage taker.

Oh yeah, the Democrats were real sweet to George Bush and they’ve just been lovely to Mitt Romney. I’m sure they would work with him just dandy if he were elected.

Another opined “Just did the most American thing a person can, I filled in my ballot!” I think I died a little inside when I read that. I mean, yes, it’s nice not to live in a totalitarian dictatorship, but what we have right now is not anything I would be proud to participate in. It’s not the choice between one extremely evil and one not-quite as evil to perhaps even good candidate that pundits and partisans make it out to be. The system is broken and I might even go so far as to say voting for one of the major candidates validates it.

No matter what the government grows (Democrats please, just because Obama didnt grow the government AFTER the massive increase in his first term doesn’t mean he didn’t grow the government massively), the police-state measures keep increasing, the executive branch keeps getting more power and the foreign wars keep on going. Bush promised to stop the foreign adventurism and he expanded it. He promised to shrink government and grew it. Obama promised peace and has the military in umpteen Arab nations fighting pointless proxy wars and “kinetic military actions” or whatever. He’s also got a lot of Predator Drones and can now assassinate U.S. citizens if he wants to… lovely. Does any honest person really think Mitt Romney is going to cut spending like he says? Has he even given a specific plan? And does any one really think Obama’s going to all-of-a-sudden become a peacenik? I mean, he’s had four good years to do it, so why hasn’t he?

So why has the campaign been so nasty? Why so many personal attacks? Why so much identity politics and scaremongering. Simple; because Obama has nothing to run on… and neither does Romney.

On the key issues, Obama and Bush were quite similar and Obama and Romney are quite similar. Yes, their rhetoric is different as well as some of the special interests they intend to doll out our money to. But voting for either is not voting for “the lesser of two evils.” It’s giving consent to a broken system.

But I guess in the end, voting isn’t particularly difficult. So I guess I’ll just vote for Gary Johnson or something.


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