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So both Ryan and I have been away for a while. I plan on trying to write some more soon, but in the mean time, I wanted to remind you of the three books we have available:

An Economic Zeitgeist

Ryan gives the basics to understanding economics and how to think like an economist, and he does it for free! Just click here.

Economic Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

The book takes on common economic fallacies such as income stagnation, the male-female wage gap and the myth that college degrees are worth one million dollars. It also takes on some non-economic matters like the BMI and the statistics about Iraq War casualties.

Ebook – Just $0.99, Click Here

Hardcopy – Just $9.99, click Here

Confessions of Amateur Intellectuals

Ryan and I take on a range of issues from the effect of the stimulus package and the deadweight loss of Christmas, to the uselessness of political terminology and why Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck might as well be brothers. It combines wit and education to enlighten and entertain.

Ebook – Just $0.99, Click Here

Hard Copy- Just $9.99, Click Here

You can also check out my paper comparing two episodes of hyperinflation and the subsequent response for free. Click here.


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