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Effects of QE3 in the Housing Market

In yet another attempt at jump starting the economy, the Federal Reserve’s latest major stimulus action, known as QE3, is likely to have less effect on the housing market than Fed Chairman Ben Bernake would hope.

QE3, shorthand for the third “quantitative… Continue reading

Presidential Debate from a European Perspective

The letter from the German authorities caught my attention. Mostly because it was asking for a bunch of money, but also because of what was going on back home in the U.S.

The letter was to inform me that, because… Continue reading

The Future of Brand Management on Facebook

Since Facebook’s initial purchase offering was released in mid-May 2012, there’s been a lot of chatter on whether the IPO was over-valued, undervalued or outright fixed to only make money for the big investment banks involved. All of these issues… Continue reading

As Competition for Students Increases, Colleges Could Benefit from a Business School Education

What makes Harvard Harvard and Berkeley Berkeley? How can one really determine which are the best business schools and which are striving to be? What makes those schools special, different, competitive? Universities are constantly fighting each other for recognition and,… Continue reading

How Banks Shirked The Bill For The Crisis And Emerged Richer Than Ever

There are many myths surrounding the “American banking industry” as it relates to its health and well-being. In that regard, the banking analysis that follows is an attempt to bring clarity as to where the U.S. banking industry currently stands… Continue reading

Prove Fannie and Freddie Innocent Before Suing the Banks–And Here Is How

Last Friday the U.S. regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which has the oversight responsibility of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, sued 17 large banks and financial institutions relating to losses on approximately $200 billion of Fannie Mae and… Continue reading

Federal Tax Burdens and The Use of the Word “Fair” in DC

A quick introduction from your humble Editor. We have eagerly awaited the $0.02 of this special guest contributor. He is the man, the myth, the legend: Papa Swift. And he’s decided to finally chime in on Swift Economics. Go easy… Continue reading

Don’t Fall Prey To “The Guaranteed Return” Scam

By Cesar Zambrano at

If you are reading this article, there is a strong chance that you have a solid handle of financial matters, and perhaps you are fully aware that there is no such thing as the possibility of… Continue reading

Global Education Initiative

By Iain Miller

Education is the linchpin of our society. It allows us to bequeath the knowledge we have obtained in the past and present to the caretakers of our future. Education is a priority not only for the public… Continue reading

Global Corporate Citizenship

What does it take to be a global corporate citizen?

By Iain Miller

Defined by CEO Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, a Geneva-based non-profit organization dedicated to a more globalized economy, global corporate citizenship is a term given… Continue reading

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