Swift Economics is the brainchild of Ryan Swift, an entrepreneur from Oregon. Ryan believes that fun is the key to living a balanced life; the serious part seems to run us down without any trouble! Ryan operates this website from home and various café’s with the intent of living a mobile lifestyle.

The Lost Graduation by David Vranicar: review

When David Vranicar sent me an email requesting I review his new book, The Lost Graduation, it didn’t take a lot of hair pulling. You see, David is a 2008 college graduate from Regis University in Denver. I am… Continue reading

Global Warming and the Irony of Energy Efficiency

I have been a global warming skeptic over the years. The scientific community was said to be in consensus, yet I would see some respected climatologists offer a counter opinion, or at least a humble shoulder shrug. The Petition Project… Continue reading

How The Poor, Middle Class And Upper Class Spend Their Money

NPR offers up this graphic on how the poor, middle class and upper class are spending their money in America. Interesting that the percentage of money spent on eating out doesn’t change significantly as you move up the income ladder.… Continue reading

Top Ten Adam Carolla Rants

Adam Carolla is a hyper-vigilant professional ranter. And he is damn good at it. The following top ten Carolla rants are sure to excite all the senses. You may want to set aside a good hour for this.

WARNING: CONTAINS… Continue reading

The Darwin Economy

Who had a better grasp on economic activity: Adam Smith or Charles Darwin? It is an intriguing question which Robert H. Frank, professor of economics at Cornell University, tackles in his book The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common… Continue reading

Manufacturing in America

Most people agree that in order to be a great nation, you must make stuff and export it around the world. It is hard to imagine that an over-leveraged service economy spells prosperity for the future. While US manufacturing is… Continue reading

Managing Personal Finances During Tough Economic Times

Personal finance acumen isn’t exactly where it should be in the U.S. of A. For some reason we’ve decided as a country that there is no need to teach personal finance basics to high school kids. Why I have no… Continue reading

Ron Paul: The Last Statesman

Ron Paul is the most consistent, principled, authentic, and ethical politician of our lifetime. No matter the decade his message has never changed. The Constitution and liberty are his guide. He truly represents the people. He predicted this economic mess… Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street: What Does It All Mean?

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has captured the nation’s attention. Liberals are generally accepting it as a totally organic, grassroots effort that is completely justified. After all, rich financiers on Wall Street are entirely to blame — cough, cough… Continue reading

Top Ten Quirky Economic Indicators

In Swift Economics ongoing quest to inject life into the dismal science, I bring you the top ten quirky economic indicators. No longer will the layperson have to mentally chart real GDP over the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment… Continue reading

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