The Left Reaches Really, Really Far on Detroit Bankruptcy

So MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perr said the following about Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing (and general state of awfulness):

This is what it looks like when government is small enough to drown in your bathtub, and it is not a pretty picture… Continue reading

Peter Schiff Does Stand Up

OK, so Peter Schiff has gotten a little too doom and gloom for me of late, but he’s still the man. And apparently he can do stand up comedy too:

 Not bad for a stock broker…


For more Swift… Continue reading

The Sugar Scam

So sugar is horrible for your health. And what does our wonderful government do? Of course, it massively subsidizes sugar which increases the prices of sugar for all of us so much it incentivizes the use of things like corn syrup… Continue reading

5 Really Depressing Charts

Here’s the first one:

You can find the rest here at


Photo Credit:

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New Clip from Documentary on Our Entitlement Mess

Another entry into the growing and quite impressive field of amateur documentaries looks to be quite good (although he may need some professional help to finish). This one is called Default America and it features a bunch of economists… Continue reading

The Government Spends Money on Stupid Things: Video Edition

OK, I know these things are a bit of a cheap shot, which I’ve engaged in before. However, what our government spends money on is truly baffling (and upsetting/humorous depending on what sort of mood you’re in). Here’s a… Continue reading

Government Spends Money on Stupid Things

We all know the government spends money on some pretty stupid stuff, but when you hear the highlights of said stupidity, it constantly boggles the mind.

The End of the American Dream blog compiled a list of 30 stupid things… Continue reading

Hyperinflation: A Comparison Between Weimar Germany and Post-War Hungary

Back in college I wrote a thesis-lite (a research paper to complete my history minor that I could have expanded into a thesis) comparing the hyperinflation in Germany after World War I and the hyperinflation in Hungary after World War… Continue reading

Half of College Graduates Unemployed or Underemployed

We at Swift Economics have said several times that college degrees are overrated. And now a new report from the AP based on the 2011 Current Population Survey data by Northeastern University shows that things are not so rosy for… Continue reading

Ron Paul: The Last Statesman

Ron Paul is the most consistent, principled, authentic, and ethical politician of our lifetime. No matter the decade his message has never changed. The Constitution and liberty are his guide. He truly represents the people. He predicted this economic mess… Continue reading

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