Global Warming and the Irony of Energy Efficiency

I have been a global warming skeptic over the years. The scientific community was said to be in consensus, yet I would see some respected climatologists offer a counter opinion, or at least a humble shoulder shrug. The Petition Project… Continue reading

Printing Money and Stocks

The Federal Reserve has been printing money at a historic clip and buying up toxic assets for a shade under three years now — in response to the financial crisis. The technical term for their easy money policies is known… Continue reading

Newsflash! Oil is Inversely Related to the Dollar

I will sleep well tonight knowing President Obama committed Department of Justice resources to go after oil speculators. They must be the reason we’re paying $4/gallon at the pump. It couldn’t be OPEC’s resistance to produce more oil,… Continue reading

The Meaning of Inflation Changes

The word “inflation” is thrown around quite a bit, but it’s meaning has changed over time. It used to refer to an increase in money circulating in the economy. When this happens, more dollars begin chasing the same amount of… Continue reading

Ben Bernanke vs. Paul Ryan

The chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, spoke with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Capitol Hill yesterday. Congressman Ryan has been a major voice for austerity, reforming entitlements, and expressing concern over monetary policy. Some have labeled… Continue reading

Parting Thoughts for 2010

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. Thank you for supporting SwiftEconomics and reading our prose. It’s time to tie up 2010 in a nice little bow with a few parting thoughts…

We’ve been on a wild ride… Continue reading

Ron Paul to Head Congressional Federal Reserve Oversight

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas will become chairman of the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy due to Republicans winning back majority in the House of Representatives. Most people haven’t heard of this committee, namely because it hasn’t done much… Continue reading

Quantitative Easing

The Fed has pumped $2 trillion into the economy in the past two years through a process called quantitative easing (QE). Simply put, QE is a way of increasing the money supply by increasing bank reserves, usually through the purchase… Continue reading

The Senate Race Loss of Peter Schiff

A small part of me died in Connecticut this week.

Peter Schiff just lost the Republican nod for US Senator in Connecticut. If someone ever embodied the antithesis to the nation’s current economic approach, it is Schiff. While the… Continue reading

Bill Clinton Making Some Sense

Here President Clinton discusses the crux of the G20 meetings, whether the US is headed toward a double dip recession, and whether governments should be pursuing austerity measures. He also lets us know that you “can’t get milk out of… Continue reading

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