Game Theory

Republicans use Political Correctness Too

In my series of “mommy he did it too” articles, I now turn to the dreaded political correctness. Political correctness apparently came to us from the Frankfurt School and critical theory which, as Herbert Mercuse posited, the oppressed should have… Continue reading

China’s Ghost Cities and the Asian Real Estate Bubble

After meandering throughTom Woods’ blog I saw this 60 Minutes video he posted about the Chinese ghost cities. This isn’t like the North Korean city of Kijŏng-dong, which was built by Kim Il-Sung with no intention of every… Continue reading

It Turns Out that Government Has Been Fixing Health Care For a Long Time

I came across a fantastic article a while back by Roderick T. Long titled “How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis: Medical Insurance that Worked - Until Government “Fixed” It.”

As it begins:

Today, we are constantly being told,… Continue reading

Actually, Not Everything Alex Jones Has Said Came True

OK, I’m not here to just blast Alex Jones. I’m not a 9/11 truther, although I’ve been a little tempted every once in a while admittedly, but just don’t buy it (why would they blow up tower 7 anyways?).  Still,… Continue reading

Global Warming and the Irony of Energy Efficiency

I have been a global warming skeptic over the years. The scientific community was said to be in consensus, yet I would see some respected climatologists offer a counter opinion, or at least a humble shoulder shrug. The Petition Project… Continue reading

John Stossel Sums Up Corporate Welfare

It is, in one word: bad. Another great video from LibertyPen:


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Paul Ryan is Fiscally Conservative?

So Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s choice for the “Guy Who Won’t Actually Do Anything but Will Hopefully Win Me Some Swing Voters In A Close State” known formally as the vice president. This has upset many liberals who believe… Continue reading

Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams on the Minimum Wage

Two legends discuss the problems behind the minimum wage, another good intention (well maybe) with unintended consequences (well, maybe again). Another great video from LibertyPen’s YouTube channel:


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The Otherside of Corporate Personhood

Corporate personhood is a major enemy of the trendy left along with GMO foods and anything having to do with judging people who aren’t rich, white and male. Indeed, it was the main target of the leftist documentary The Corporation… Continue reading

Differences ≠ Discrimination (necessarily)

It's Not This Simple Folks

Say you’re walking home on the wrong side of the tracks late at night and you see a young, black man walking toward you. Do you become nervous? If so, does that make you a… Continue reading

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