The Visual Representation of Our Very Slow Recovery

Russ Roberts, who hosts the brilliant EconTalk, talks with John Taylor about the extremely slow recovery to our current recession and how that doesn’t match up with previous recessions. Previous recessions and recoveries have been either deep and brisk… Continue reading

Post War Economic Propaganda

I dug up this interesting little film made during World War II which talks about all the economic problems that would come when the soldiers came home and firms lost their government contracts. As Keynesian economist Alvin Hansen said,… Continue reading

The Key to Countering Keynes by @FriedrichHayek

The following is a comment posted by Greg Ransom, the purveyor of the F.A. Hayek Twitter handle @FriedrichHayek and Editor-in-Chief of The post highlights the key to countering Keynes from a Hayekian perspective. The chief criticism of Keynes… Continue reading

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