Liberalism is Kinda Boring

Liberalism has been called a lot of things. Some seem to think that the term is synonymous with good, others think it’s naive, Michael Savage called it a mental disorder, etc.

But the one thing I don’t hear it called… Continue reading

Swift Reviews: The Power of Habit


Charles Duhigg certainly bit off a large bite for himself, and did a mostly very good job of chewing it.

The Power of Habit is a fascinating book that looks into how we develop habits and how those habits… Continue reading

Obama vs Obama on Wiretapping

While it’s nothing new that politicians over promise and lie their way into office only to do a 180 (we all remember George Bush’s “humble foreign policy” right). But it’s always helpful to have it illustrated after the fact. Here’s… Continue reading

Are Liberals Really Pro-Choice?

So this is a slightly older piece from ReasonTV that took place during the Democratic National Convention, but it is absolutely hilarious. It seems that liberals have a bit of a bad habit of saying they support things they actually… Continue reading

It Turns Out that Government Has Been Fixing Health Care For a Long Time

I came across a fantastic article a while back by Roderick T. Long titled “How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis: Medical Insurance that Worked - Until Government “Fixed” It.”

As it begins:

Today, we are constantly being told,… Continue reading

Paul Ryan is Fiscally Conservative?

So Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s choice for the “Guy Who Won’t Actually Do Anything but Will Hopefully Win Me Some Swing Voters In A Close State” known formally as the vice president. This has upset many liberals who believe… Continue reading

Yes, Once Again, Obama Does Not (And Did Not) Represent Change


Obamney 2012

It’s almost getting boring, as we’ve pointed this out a lot (see here, here, here and here), but Barack Obama did not represent some magical, semi-omnipotent change. Maybe he diverts a little more tax… Continue reading

Jon Stewart on Fast and Furious

Jon Stewart discusses, in his normally funny way, the mess that is Fast and Furious. Why exactly is Eric Holder still in office? 

Part 2:


For more Swift Economics, subscribe now to our RSS Feed Follow Swift Economics on … Continue reading

Welfare State Reform: Unemployment Insurance

For some time now I’ve believed reforming the government is a lost cause since a political organization based on coercion that can divvy up other people’s money and restrict their freedom will almost certainly be corrupt. That being said, I… Continue reading

Turns Out that Romney and Obama are Virtually Identical

As I’ve pointed out before, Barack Obama is not much different than George W. Bush (see here and here). Well, as this excellent video shows, apparently Mitt Romney is also the same as Barack Obama… who would have thunkit?… Continue reading

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