Obama Says

Glenn Greenwald Slaps Down More NSA/Edward Snowden Nonsense

David Gregory asks Glenn Greenwald the idiotic question of whether he should be charged with a crime for basically being an investigative journalist. Greenwald also explains why, although it’s true that Eric Snowden is guilty of a crime for exposing… Continue reading

Obama vs Obama on Wiretapping

While it’s nothing new that politicians over promise and lie their way into office only to do a 180 (we all remember George Bush’s “humble foreign policy” right). But it’s always helpful to have it illustrated after the fact. Here’s… Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Presidential Election or How Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Cured My Interest in Politics

I must be the most ill-informed political blogger there is out there right now, at least when it comes to current events. Oh how things change… where I once had my finger on the pulse of the political zeitgeist, here… Continue reading

Presidential Debate from a European Perspective

The letter from the German authorities caught my attention. Mostly because it was asking for a bunch of money, but also because of what was going on back home in the U.S.

The letter was to inform me that, because… Continue reading

Creepy Democratic National Convention Video: “The Government is the Only Thing We All Belong To”

…The government is your friend, like your government, it’s here to help you, we all belong to it, it owns us, but is friendly so don’t worry.

I always find it funny when Democrats make fun of Republicans for being… Continue reading

Dishonest Arguing Tactics – The GOP Convention

What do you mean I didn’t build that? I totally built that you good-for-nothing commie! Or something like that. Apparently Obama thinks bureaucrats built the United States instead of entrepreneurs. Indeed, that seemed to be the entire theme of the recent… Continue reading

Yes, Once Again, Obama Does Not (And Did Not) Represent Change


Obamney 2012

It’s almost getting boring, as we’ve pointed this out a lot (see here, here, here and here), but Barack Obama did not represent some magical, semi-omnipotent change. Maybe he diverts a little more tax… Continue reading

Welfare State Reform: Unemployment Insurance

For some time now I’ve believed reforming the government is a lost cause since a political organization based on coercion that can divvy up other people’s money and restrict their freedom will almost certainly be corrupt. That being said, I… Continue reading

Bomb Iran = Impeach Bush/Support Obama

Here’s a very inconvenient clip of Joe Biden and Walter Jones threatening to impeach George W. Bush if he attempted to launch a war with Iraq. Now, of course, Obama has invaded Libya, bombed Pakistan as well as Yemen and Somalia, and… Continue reading

Federal Tax Burdens and The Use of the Word “Fair” in DC

A quick introduction from your humble Editor. We have eagerly awaited the $0.02 of this special guest contributor. He is the man, the myth, the legend: Papa Swift. And he’s decided to finally chime in on Swift Economics. Go easy… Continue reading

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