“Only Government Can Make the Roads” or However that Argument Goes

Here Stefan Molyneux reads a half hilarious, half infuriating article about almost incomprehensible government incompetence regarding those roads only they can pave (just for the record, private roads  exist today and have existed in all sorts of ways in the past… Continue reading

Presidential Debate from a European Perspective

The letter from the German authorities caught my attention. Mostly because it was asking for a bunch of money, but also because of what was going on back home in the U.S.

The letter was to inform me that, because… Continue reading

How Banks Shirked The Bill For The Crisis And Emerged Richer Than Ever

There are many myths surrounding the “American banking industry” as it relates to its health and well-being. In that regard, the banking analysis that follows is an attempt to bring clarity as to where the U.S. banking industry currently stands… Continue reading

Manufacturing in America

Most people agree that in order to be a great nation, you must make stuff and export it around the world. It is hard to imagine that an over-leveraged service economy spells prosperity for the future. While US manufacturing is… Continue reading

Peter Schiff Testifies Before the Congressional Jobs Committee

If you missed Peter Schiff’s testimony before the Congressional Jobs Committee last week, it is a must see. For fans of Schiff, you’ve heard much of this before but it is fascinating to watch the committee and the panel react… Continue reading

Federal Tax Burdens and The Use of the Word “Fair” in DC

A quick introduction from your humble Editor. We have eagerly awaited the $0.02 of this special guest contributor. He is the man, the myth, the legend: Papa Swift. And he’s decided to finally chime in on Swift Economics. Go easy… Continue reading

Paul Ryan Explains Choice & Competition To HHS Secretary

Paul Ryan spoke directly to Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius today about Medicare reform. At the crux of his thesis: health care is missing patient choice, competition, and price signals. Meanwhile, a board of 15 unelected people… Continue reading

The Liberal Laffer Curve

Inspired by a recent piece from, and an original tweet from @clasicaliberal, I bring you the liberal Laffer Curve.

According to the likes of Paul Krugman and President Obama, we need more deficit spending. The stimulus will create… Continue reading

We Pay a Lot of Different Taxes

It’s sort of comical when someone complies a list of the taxes and fees our government imposes on us. It puts into perspective why all government budget crises are much more a spending problem than a revenue problem. Lists like… Continue reading

Do Tax Cuts Spur Economic Growth?

The effect of tax cuts is often debated. Free marketers tend to claim that tax cuts, most notably in capital gains and corporate income tax rates, inevitably spur economic growth. Keynesians often claim that tax cuts hurt job and wage… Continue reading

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