Geithner Was Wrong: U.S. Debt Downgraded

On April 25th of this year, our ever-so-competent Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was asked on Fox News whether U.S. treasuries could ever lose their AAA rating.

Geithner’s response: “No risk of that.”

Less than four months later and he’s made a Ben… Continue reading

Fiat Money is a Ponzi Scheme, No Better Illustrated Than in Europe

One of the biggest losers in Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme was New York Mets majority owner Fred Wilpon. Wilpon was actually friends with Madoff, and over the years, he and his partners invested $550 million into their Madoff account.… Continue reading

Why Stimulus Could Hurt The Economy

Uh oh, an econ graph. Everybody shield your eyes.


As the consumer goes, so too does the United States. When it’s high times for the consumer, it’s high times for the economy. This is a pretty strong relationship given… Continue reading

The Canadian Budget Solution

Is it impossible to cut spending enough to balance the budget? Looking at the current budget crisis certainly makes it look that way. However, what the Canadian government did in 1995 may act as an example the United States should… Continue reading

A Sound Lender of Last Resort

Meet Walter Bagehot.

What does it mean to be the lender of last resort? Generally, it is a reserve financial institution willing to extend credit when no one else will. It usually refers directly to a nation’s central bank. The… Continue reading

Ben Bernanke vs. Paul Ryan

The chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, spoke with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Capitol Hill yesterday. Congressman Ryan has been a major voice for austerity, reforming entitlements, and expressing concern over monetary policy. Some have labeled… Continue reading

Parting Thoughts for 2010

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. Thank you for supporting SwiftEconomics and reading our prose. It’s time to tie up 2010 in a nice little bow with a few parting thoughts…

We’ve been on a wild ride… Continue reading

Dr. Drew Discusses Medicare Reimbursement Cuts, Health Care

Dr. Drew paid a visit to The Adam Carolla Show, broadcast on November 25th, 2010, to riff with his former Loveline co-host. Among the topics were Dr. Drew’s continual gravitation towards libertarianism and both men’s frustration with oppressive government.… Continue reading

Quanta Analytics List of Troubled Banks for 2011 and Beyond

Jim Boswell of Quanta Analytics (QA) fame has just finished compiling the Quanta Analytics Troubled Bank List for 2011 and Beyond. Boswell used the 9/30/2010 banking data from the FDIC’s database to compile his list.

Here are some relevant… Continue reading

Quantitative Easing Explained

When explained by simplistic CGI characters and electronic voice generators, our economic policy never sounded so loony.


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