My Tip to Wake up Early (and Quickly)

There are all sorts of tips out there to wake up early and, what I think is more important, quickly. My entire family and I chronically get up late and often waste an hour or more pointlessly hitting the snooze… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 5

Apparently some do-it-yourselfers don’t do things perfectly each time… who woulda thought, ehh? Anyways, that’s what I’m here to document for all you lovely people:

Stairs to Nowhere:

OK, this wasn’t a fix, this is just disgusting (no folks, that… Continue reading

Liberalism is Kinda Boring

Liberalism has been called a lot of things. Some seem to think that the term is synonymous with good, others think it’s naive, Michael Savage called it a mental disorder, etc.

But the one thing I don’t hear it called… Continue reading

Swift Reviews: The Power of Habit


Charles Duhigg certainly bit off a large bite for himself, and did a mostly very good job of chewing it.

The Power of Habit is a fascinating book that looks into how we develop habits and how those habits… Continue reading

Bill Syrios on Real Estate Investment

A few weeks back my father, who started Stewardship Properties back in 1989, gave a talk to the Eugene Real Estate Investment Group on his career and advice on real estate investment. I recommend that any aspiring real estate investors,… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 4

This installment is all one house and could probably better be titled as “Why Meth is Bad, Kids” or perhaps “Meth and Useless, Free Wooden Crates You Can Tear Apart For Scrap Don’t Mix.”

When we bought this house and… Continue reading

How to Get Elected…

… Probably the funniest youtube video I’ve seen in a while.


Photo Credit: IFC


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Swift Reviews: Coming Apart

Coming Apart is the latest book from the highly controversial author, Charles Murray. It is definitely food for thought as well as quite alarming. Murray shows how the upper class and lower class of the United States have diverged in… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 2

In my continuing series of things that people did themselves, but should not have (part 1 here), we have a whole host of new ways over zealous people have screwed up some of the most mundane things. Sometimes a… Continue reading

Swift Reviews: Great by Choice

I consider Jim Collins to be the gold standard when it comes to business management literature. He has previously authored the bestselling and highly informative Built to Last, Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall. This time,… Continue reading

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