Who is Ryan Swift?

Swift Economics is the brainchild of Ryan Swift, an entrepreneur from Oregon. Ryan believes that fun is the key to living a balanced life; the serious part seems to run us down without any trouble! Ryan operates this website from home and various café’s with the intent of living a mobile lifestyle.

Ryan looks forward to hearing your thoughts. He created this community as a platform to share his ideas as they
relate to economics. Please contact him via social networking sites with suggestions, responses, and encouragement.
Become an active community member and comment on posts. Also, utilize the social networking icons to
share the articles you enjoyed. Let’s invite people to this economic oasis!

Throughout pages and posts on Swift Economics, readers may run into the phrase “Go Ducks” in oddly placed situations. That’s okay. Ryan is a lifelong Oregon Duck and University of Oregon alum. The expression is a greeting, a response, a way of life.




Gracing the University of Oregon campus, my alma mater

Gracing the University of Oregon campus, my alma mater. Here we go Ducks!


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