budget deficit

We Pay a Lot of Different Taxes

It’s sort of comical when someone complies a list of the taxes and fees our government imposes on us. It puts into perspective why all government budget crises are much more a spending problem than a revenue problem. Lists like… Continue reading

Yes, We Are Going Bankrupt

Michael Moore stated at at a union rally in Wisconsin that the United States is not bankrupt, the rich are simply hogging all the money. Well, there’s some truth to this, Obama has certainly carried on the Bush way of… Continue reading

134 Tons Up In Smoke

Not to turn SwiftEconomics into pot central, but more news has broke in the marijuana world. In our continuing coverage of Proposition 19 in California, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannibis Act, it is our duty to relay the Tijuana… Continue reading

H.R. 4646: The 1% Transaction Tax to “Phase Out” Federal Income Tax

Is the government serious about a substantial change in tax policy?

As we weather a financial crisis, sit on more than $13 trillion in public debt, and stare unsustainable entitlements in the face, it’s no secret that a resurgent movement… Continue reading

Zombie Reagan Raised From Dead To Lead GOP

The GOP is back, with a new, yet old, face to lead the party. Zombie Ronald Reagan has been reanimated to assure Americans that Republicans have returned to their core values of fiscal responsibility. Reagan's 8 years in office resulted in an increase in gross federal debt by 18.5% as a percentage of GDP, but perhaps a mutated rabies virus has changed Reagan's fiscal intentions. (1) Continue reading

Barack Obama and Chinese President, Hu Jintao: Saturday Night Live

Brilliant: Continue reading

Nicolas Cage for Treasury Secretary

This summer, the IRS rewarded Nicolas Cage for his “efforts” with a $6 million tax lien on his New Orleans’ properties for unpaid taxes. So the IRS, lead by tax cheat Timothy Geithner, is cracking down on Nicolas Cage for unpaid taxes. How ironic. Or perhaps, “how fitting” would be a better way to put it. After all, I think Tim Geithner, our spend-happy congress, the Federal Reserve, George Bush and Barack Obama can give Nicolas Cage a run for his money (what little is left of it) when it comes to irresponsible spending. Honestly, look at what our government has been doing: Continue reading

A History of Government Spending: The Ridiculously Awesome Version

Like the title says: Continue reading

Almost Half of U.S. Households Will Pay No Federal Income Tax in ’09

According to estimates by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, 47% of U.S. households are projected to owe zero federal income tax in 2009. (1) Is this good, bad, or inconsequential? Continue reading

Tom Woods: The Case Against the Fed

Here is an excerpt from a longer debate, where Tom Woods lays out the case against the Federal Reserve. Continue reading
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