China’s Ghost Cities and the Asian Real Estate Bubble

After meandering throughTom Woods’ blog I saw this 60 Minutes video he posted about the Chinese ghost cities. This isn’t like the North Korean city of Kijŏng-dong, which was built by Kim Il-Sung with no intention of every… Continue reading

Manufacturing in America

Most people agree that in order to be a great nation, you must make stuff and export it around the world. It is hard to imagine that an over-leveraged service economy spells prosperity for the future. While US manufacturing is… Continue reading

Joe Biden Should Probably Stop Talking

If George Bush set the record as the dumbest President of all time then Joe Biden is making a strong case for the dumbest Vice President of all time. On his trip to China, while discussing our debt situation, he… Continue reading

The Iowa Car Crop

Did you know that Iowa grows cars in their corn fields? It’s pretty remarkable; you’d think it would garner more media attention. Okay, you got me. Cars aren’t literally grown in Iowa. But through the wonders of trade, for all… Continue reading

Chinese Village of Huaxi: Utopia or Dystopia?

Welcome to the Chinese Village of Huaxi, a place where everyone has a nice home, luxury car, free health care, clothes, elite education, and even free cooking oil! Only there are a few catches:

  1. You work 7 days a week,… Continue reading

Demographic Trends Say Recovery Will Be Slow

Demography, a long-term driver of economic growth.

By Dr. Thomas K Swift Chief Economist and Managing Director of the American Chemistry Council

With the agonizing slow economic recovery, much of the focus has been on aggregate demand, another name for… Continue reading

Paul Krugman Recommends the United States Borrow, Inflate, Default and Steal

Time to Just Get it Over With?

Readers of SwiftEconomics know I’ve been just an incy wincy bit critical of Paul Krugman (see here, here, here and here), but I guess I kind of agree with a… Continue reading

Is The United States Going Bankrupt?

Renowned economic historian Niall Ferguson is usually even-keeled with his predictions. That was not the case about a month ago when he warned that the United States could be nearing a sudden collapse:

“I think this is a problem that… Continue reading

China Considers Move Away From Dollar

Most market pundits feel that China gets an unfair advantage by undervaluing the yuan against the dollar. This may be so, but I have reservations about them un-coupling it. We could probably sell more to China if they did so,… Continue reading

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