Musicnomics Part II: Decline and Fall

So a while back I wrote an article about the wacky world of music where talent is ignored in favor of prepackaged, overproduced tweenie heart throbs and beauty queens who have little discernible talent other than a voice that would typically… Continue reading

Economic Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics… THE BOOK!

Economic Lies Damned Lies and Statistics

My dear SwiftEconomics readers, I have put together a book out of my Economic Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics series as well as some brand new material! It is now out in both ebook… Continue reading

How Economics Became the “Dismal Science”

If you’re an economics geek like myself (or even if just interests you a bit) you’ve probably heard it referred to as the ‘dismal science.’ I always figured it had something to do with the fact that economics lies in the… Continue reading

Sh*t Economists Say

So I ran across this amateur YouTube video inspired by the Sh*t Girls Say video the other day. I found it relatively amusing and in my judgement, worth reposting on an economics site:


For more Swift Economics, subscribe now to… Continue reading

Top Ten Economics Top Ten Lists

Swift Economics takes pride in providing a resource to find all the knowledge on economics you’ll ever need to know. The following ten lists have just about every resource you could imagine. Enjoy:


List 10: Top Ten Economics Blogs… Continue reading

Top Ten Economists

A top ten list of economists always depends on criteria. So here I use a combination of my beliefs, their credentials and the impact they had on economic thought:

10. Murray Rothbard

The founder of anarcho-capitalism and inspiration to presidential candidate… Continue reading

Top Ten Advanced Economics Books

As I stated in my list on basic economics books, these lists are difficult. If I only chose my personal favorites, the list would be a little one-sided (Keynes and Marx certainly wouldn’t be on the list). So I tried… Continue reading

Top Ten Economics Podcasts/YouTube Channels

10. Economics (Cornell) 

A smart and fair look at the economy, albeit very academic (whether you think that’s a good thing or not is up to you).

9. The Economist 

Short and mainstream looks at current events in… Continue reading

Top Ten Economics Websites

Want to keep track of business and the economy? Want some good insights into economics? Here are some of the best places to start:

10. The Wall Street Journal

A bit mainstream for me, but a good rundown of the… Continue reading

Top Ten Economics Blogs


10. The Money Illusion

A blog on “the endlessly perplexing problem of monetary policy.” Well written and updated frequently. Check it out.

9. Marginal Revolution

A wide-ranging blog by the pro-Fed, libertarian leaning Tyler Cowen.

8. Beat the Press… Continue reading

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