Fannie Mae

Austrians vs. Keynesians: A Case Study

The Keynesian model and the Austrian economic philosophy continue to lock horns. Similar ideas have gone toe to toe for three centuries now trying to explain the business cycle. Thomas Malthus and Jean-Baptiste Say made their case in the 19th century,… Continue reading

Henry Hazlitt Calls The Housing Bubble in 1946

It’s too bad recent politicians have not listened to Henry Hazlitt. Had they bothered, he would have explained to them why the existence of Government-Sponsored Enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a very bad idea. You see, Hazlitt knew… Continue reading

America’s Economic Woes Are Structural

The road has been long and hard over the last few years. Chronic unemployment, falling net worth, and a bitterly weak recovery have put unbelievable strain on people across the globe. America was told the Federal Reserve had tamed the business… Continue reading

The Long and Short of It — Don’t Rely on the Economists

Be wary of the economists in power.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

In 1984 Larry Summers and Greg Mankiw, two of the top 20 rated economists according to the RePEc Author Service, wrote a well-touted paper entitled… Continue reading

Foreclosure Madness

Who Actually Owns the Note?

The happy-go-lucky, all-is-well, sunshine-and-lollipops website recently ran a six point article discussing the rampant amount of foreclosure fraud precipitating the economic collapse. Each point is quite sobering indeed:

“#1 According to the Associated Press,… Continue reading

Ten Ways We Can Fix The Country Right Now

Yes, we all disagree. But let's focus on where we can agree in this Top Ten.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

The United States is not Japan. It never was and never will be, so let’s quit… Continue reading

The Fiasco Continues, But Regardless, We Pay the Bill

Big Finance has done quite a job dumping the costs of their reckless decisions on others.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

As we wind our way down from our Great Recession and over-extended housing market, the fiasco… Continue reading

History is Not Bunk Unless Someone Important Wants It to Be

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

Late in the fall of 1988 the accounting firm, Coopers & Lybrand (C&L), won a competitive award to construct a computer system that collected the monthly security and loan information relating to… Continue reading

Government to Take on Fannie and Freddie’s $5 Trillion in Mortgage Debt?

The Obama administration has now focused their reform-minded attention on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and their $5 trillion in mortgage guarantees (covering about half of existing mortgages). In 2008, George Bush put the two mortgage giants into conservatorship to avoid… Continue reading

America: It’s Time To Stand Up And Scream “We Want New Leadership”

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

Where is Howard Beale when we need him?  Two years into the Greatest Recession Since the Great Depression (GRSGD) and our financial leaders are still telling us that we need to be… Continue reading

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