Federal Reserve

Peter Schiff Does Stand Up

OK, so Peter Schiff has gotten a little too doom and gloom for me of late, but he’s still the man. And apparently he can do stand up comedy too:

 Not bad for a stock broker…


For more Swift… Continue reading

Wealth Inequality in America: A Partial Critique

So I’m a little late on this one, but there is a viral video on wealth inequality in the United States going around that compares what a survey of 5000 Americans said they thought wealth inequality should be and then… Continue reading

Effects of QE3 in the Housing Market

In yet another attempt at jump starting the economy, the Federal Reserve’s latest major stimulus action, known as QE3, is likely to have less effect on the housing market than Fed Chairman Ben Bernake would hope.

QE3, shorthand for the third “quantitative… Continue reading

New Clip from Documentary on Our Entitlement Mess

Another entry into the growing and quite impressive field of amateur documentaries looks to be quite good (although he may need some professional help to finish). This one is called Default America and it features a bunch of economists… Continue reading

Peter Schiff Testifies Before the Congressional Jobs Committee

If you missed Peter Schiff’s testimony before the Congressional Jobs Committee last week, it is a must see. For fans of Schiff, you’ve heard much of this before but it is fascinating to watch the committee and the panel react… Continue reading

Austrians vs. Keynesians: A Case Study

The Keynesian model and the Austrian economic philosophy continue to lock horns. Similar ideas have gone toe to toe for three centuries now trying to explain the business cycle. Thomas Malthus and Jean-Baptiste Say made their case in the 19th century,… Continue reading

Federal Reserve Audit Reveals $16 Trillion In Emergency Loans To Bailout Bankers

A report from the GAO has been swirling around the interwebs which reveals the Federal Reserve made $16 trillion of secret loans to financial institutions and other businesses. A sound lender of last resort would only do such a thing… Continue reading

Do Tax Cuts Spur Economic Growth?

The effect of tax cuts is often debated. Free marketers tend to claim that tax cuts, most notably in capital gains and corporate income tax rates, inevitably spur economic growth. Keynesians often claim that tax cuts hurt job and wage… Continue reading

¿Dónde Está el $500,000,000,000? Hell if Bernanke Knows

Alan Grayson asks Ben Bernanke why the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet shows that central bank liquidity swaps went from $24 billion at the end of 2007 to $553 billion by the end of 2008 including $9 billion to New Zealand… Continue reading

Ron Paul’s Answers at the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Debate

In case you missed it, here are Ron Paul’s answers at the New Hampshire Republican presidential debate. Per usual, he continues to separate himself from the field (a la Rory McIlroy). At the end, when asked which of his… Continue reading

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