financial crisis

China’s Ghost Cities and the Asian Real Estate Bubble

After meandering throughTom Woods’ blog I saw this 60 Minutes video he posted about the Chinese ghost cities. This isn’t like the North Korean city of Kijŏng-dong, which was built by Kim Il-Sung with no intention of every… Continue reading

How Banks Shirked The Bill For The Crisis And Emerged Richer Than Ever

There are many myths surrounding the “American banking industry” as it relates to its health and well-being. In that regard, the banking analysis that follows is an attempt to bring clarity as to where the U.S. banking industry currently stands… Continue reading

The Cost of Catching Osama

Now that Osama bin Laden has been brought to justice, it must be a great feeling of closure for the victim’s families of 9/11. The news of Osama’s death has galvanized the country and served as a rallying cry. President… Continue reading

A Sound Lender of Last Resort

Meet Walter Bagehot.

What does it mean to be the lender of last resort? Generally, it is a reserve financial institution willing to extend credit when no one else will. It usually refers directly to a nation’s central bank. The… Continue reading

What is Free Banking?

A private banknote issued by the Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad Bank in 1853.

In order to understand a regulated banking system, you must have a conception of what the banking system would look like without government. Free banking may be… Continue reading

Quanta Analytics List of Troubled Banks for 2011 and Beyond

Jim Boswell of Quanta Analytics (QA) fame has just finished compiling the Quanta Analytics Troubled Bank List for 2011 and Beyond. Boswell used the 9/30/2010 banking data from the FDIC’s database to compile his list.

Here are some relevant… Continue reading

Are Bonuses Necessary for a Better Society?

By Iain Miller

It is currently Christmas bonus season in the world’s financial centres. Over the next few weeks the employees of the world’s largest financial organisations will be receiving the details of their annual bonus payments – a remuneration… Continue reading

Ten Ways We Can Fix The Country Right Now

Yes, we all disagree. But let's focus on where we can agree in this Top Ten.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

The United States is not Japan. It never was and never will be, so let’s quit… Continue reading

Banks, The Fed, and Moral Hazard

As of 2009, the “Big Four” banks in the United States held 39% of all U.S. customer deposits. The “Big Four” includes Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo.

The banks that were such a systemic risk to… Continue reading

The Fiasco Continues, But Regardless, We Pay the Bill

Big Finance has done quite a job dumping the costs of their reckless decisions on others.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

As we wind our way down from our Great Recession and over-extended housing market, the fiasco… Continue reading

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