George Bush

Obama vs Obama on Wiretapping

While it’s nothing new that politicians over promise and lie their way into office only to do a 180 (we all remember George Bush’s “humble foreign policy” right). But it’s always helpful to have it illustrated after the fact. Here’s… Continue reading

Yes, Once Again, Obama Does Not (And Did Not) Represent Change


Obamney 2012

It’s almost getting boring, as we’ve pointed this out a lot (see here, here, here and here), but Barack Obama did not represent some magical, semi-omnipotent change. Maybe he diverts a little more tax… Continue reading

Turns Out that Romney and Obama are Virtually Identical

As I’ve pointed out before, Barack Obama is not much different than George W. Bush (see here and here). Well, as this excellent video shows, apparently Mitt Romney is also the same as Barack Obama… who would have thunkit?… Continue reading

Bomb Iran = Impeach Bush/Support Obama

Here’s a very inconvenient clip of Joe Biden and Walter Jones threatening to impeach George W. Bush if he attempted to launch a war with Iraq. Now, of course, Obama has invaded Libya, bombed Pakistan as well as Yemen and Somalia, and… Continue reading

Obama’s Mirror and Bush’s Reflection

I brought it up just three months after Barack Obama had been inaugurated and now the Humble Libertarian has made an exhaustive 100 point list on how Barack Obama is a mirror reflection of George W. Bush. Sure, Obama… Continue reading

The Cost of Catching Osama

Now that Osama bin Laden has been brought to justice, it must be a great feeling of closure for the victim’s families of 9/11. The news of Osama’s death has galvanized the country and served as a rallying cry. President… Continue reading

2000s: Stagnant Wages and Zero Net Jobs Created

If a president’s performance was solely based on how the economy performs during their stay in office, George W. Bush may have been the worst president in US history. Clearly there are other measures to judge a presidency. GWB, for… Continue reading

Conversations With European “Socialists”

Public Education at its Finest

Americans are stupid. Or at least so goes the stereotype.  Brian Reade of the Daily Mirror (an Englishman, who is presumably quite smart given his Britishness) described us simple Americans as “The self-righteous, gun-totin’, military-lovin’,… Continue reading

The State of American Entrepreneurship

How entrepreneurial is America?

Dare I go out on a limb and say that everything originates from entrepreneurs. Every product and service we enjoy, every technological innovation, and, yes, every job that employs us. If the scientist or the engineer… Continue reading

Government to Take on Fannie and Freddie’s $5 Trillion in Mortgage Debt?

The Obama administration has now focused their reform-minded attention on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and their $5 trillion in mortgage guarantees (covering about half of existing mortgages). In 2008, George Bush put the two mortgage giants into conservatorship to avoid… Continue reading

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