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The Government Spends Money on Stupid Things: Video Edition

OK, I know these things are a bit of a cheap shot, which I’ve engaged in before. However, what our government spends money on is truly baffling (and upsetting/humorous depending on what sort of mood you’re in). Here’s a… Continue reading

Government Spends Money on Stupid Things

We all know the government spends money on some pretty stupid stuff, but when you hear the highlights of said stupidity, it constantly boggles the mind.

The End of the American Dream blog compiled a list of 30 stupid things… Continue reading

Obama’s Mirror and Bush’s Reflection

I brought it up just three months after Barack Obama had been inaugurated and now the Humble Libertarian has made an exhaustive 100 point list on how Barack Obama is a mirror reflection of George W. Bush. Sure, Obama… Continue reading

The Canadian Budget Solution

Is it impossible to cut spending enough to balance the budget? Looking at the current budget crisis certainly makes it look that way. However, what the Canadian government did in 1995 may act as an example the United States should… Continue reading

New York Times Has Cool Budget Tools

Not So Easy To Do

I’m not a particular fan of The New York Times, but they have some very cool features on what they call the Deficit Project.

First there’s this nice interactive chart on government spending… Continue reading

The Privatization of Government Debt

Maybe it's time to start focusing on government assets...

I had an opportunity to meet a German exchange student yesterday who was visiting the States for the first time. Naturally I couldn’t help myself and said the following:

It sure… Continue reading

Did World War II Get Us Out of the Depression? Paul Krugman Thinks So. I Don’t.

Dig hole... Fill hole back in... Become Rich!

Paul Krugman is back spouting more nonsense than ever. It’s not on par with his most epic screw up; when in 2002 he recommended “Alan Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble… Continue reading

Nicolas Cage for Treasury Secretary

This summer, the IRS rewarded Nicolas Cage for his “efforts” with a $6 million tax lien on his New Orleans’ properties for unpaid taxes. So the IRS, lead by tax cheat Timothy Geithner, is cracking down on Nicolas Cage for unpaid taxes. How ironic. Or perhaps, “how fitting” would be a better way to put it. After all, I think Tim Geithner, our spend-happy congress, the Federal Reserve, George Bush and Barack Obama can give Nicolas Cage a run for his money (what little is left of it) when it comes to irresponsible spending. Honestly, look at what our government has been doing: Continue reading

A History of Government Spending: The Ridiculously Awesome Version

Like the title says: Continue reading

How Government Spending Hurts the Economy

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute gives a concise breakdown on why too much government spending can hurt the economy. It's definitely worth watching: Continue reading
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