Peter Schiff Does Stand Up

OK, so Peter Schiff has gotten a little too doom and gloom for me of late, but he’s still the man. And apparently he can do stand up comedy too:

 Not bad for a stock broker…


For more Swift… Continue reading

Hyperinflation: A Comparison Between Weimar Germany and Post-War Hungary

Back in college I wrote a thesis-lite (a research paper to complete my history minor that I could have expanded into a thesis) comparing the hyperinflation in Germany after World War I and the hyperinflation in Hungary after World War… Continue reading

Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?

People keep drawing comparisons between Social Security and Ponzi schemes. It has even inspired some Venn diagrams out on the interwebs, most of which are pretty uninspiring to me:

You have Texas Governor Rick Perry of course, who reiterated his… Continue reading

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: A College Degree is Worth One Million Dollars


Previous in Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Series: Part 9: The BMI


The surest way to the good life is a college degree, right? Hey, both my colleague Ryan Swift and I have one. As Hillary Clinton said, “Graduates from four-year colleges… Continue reading

Is College Still Worth It?

Ever since I can remember, the world was grooming me to go to college. My parents, my teachers, my coaches, my mentors…everyone who cared to positively influence me made one message very clear: if I wanted to make anything of… Continue reading

Alan Greenspan and Economics 101

Alan Greenspan had this delightful little insight for us on Meet the Press the other day:

So I guess Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic both had stellar credit ratings. And this guy was in charge of the Fed for almost… Continue reading

Performance of Gold vs. Silver

Precious metals are all the rage these days as many people are looking for a hedge against inflation and diversification. The following chart tracks gold and silver prices since 2000:

Click for larger image

Investors are also buying silver as… Continue reading

Gold and Stocks: A Visual

Just as food for thought, let’s look at the performance of gold versus the stock market since 1998. This is a trend that most of us are aware of, but it is still shocking to see visually:

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Printing Money and Stocks

The Federal Reserve has been printing money at a historic clip and buying up toxic assets for a shade under three years now — in response to the financial crisis. The technical term for their easy money policies is known… Continue reading

Newsflash! Oil is Inversely Related to the Dollar

I will sleep well tonight knowing President Obama committed Department of Justice resources to go after oil speculators. They must be the reason we’re paying $4/gallon at the pump. It couldn’t be OPEC’s resistance to produce more oil,… Continue reading

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