Iraq War

The Irony of the Ron Paul Newsletters

It’s no secret that Swift Economics has strong libertarian leanings. One would think this would mean both Ryan and I support Ron Paul wholeheartedly. Well, I can’t speak for Ryan, but while I respect Ron Paul and will probably vote… Continue reading

Wesley Clark Explains Why We’re At War With Five or Six or However Many Middle Eastern Countries

American foreign policy has been quite aggressive for a long time, however, the government really turned it up a notch during the Bush administration with the rise of neoconservatism. Retired General Wesley Clark explains just exactly what happened (and I… Continue reading

The Case For Peter Schiff

One would think a Senate race—taking place in the middle of two wars and a severe recession—between the co-founder of the World Wrestling Entertainment and an economist and financial expert who predicted the financial crisis would be a no-brainer of… Continue reading

Scott Horton on Why War with Iran Would Be a Disaster

Scott Horton, from, explains why there’s no good reason to go to war with Iran. Aside by the fact that all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies are on record saying Iran is not attempting to build a nuclear weapon… Continue reading

95% of One Iraq Reconstruction Fund Unaccounted For

I think I read the most humorous and yet most head-shakingly embarrassing opening paragraph ever from an article on

A federal audit of $9.1 billion targeted for reconstruction in Iraq cannot account for more than 95 percent of… Continue reading

Maybe a World War Will Fix the Economy

As I’ve discussed before, it’s common wisdom (i.e. an incredibly stupid thought many people hold) that war is good for the economy. It’s utter nonsense, but unfortunately most economists believe it. There were even a few after Hurricane Katrina… Continue reading

Nullification and Civil Disobedience

Nullification has long been thought of as a dead issue, but it has made a bit of comeback of late. The issue is whether states can nullify, or not enforce, federal laws they find to be unconstitutional. The constitutionality and… Continue reading

Ron Paul and Barney Frank Take on the Military Budget

Ron Paul and Barney Frank; two guys who don’t see eye to eye on much economically, still found a way to came together and write an op-ed in the Huffington Post called “Why We Must Reduce Military Spending.”… Continue reading

Do Republicans Finally Believe Iraq War Was a Mistake?

At a recent Cato Institute event, Republican Congresman Dana Rohrabacher said once Bush decided to go into Iraq he "felt it was a mistake because we hadn't finished the job in Afghanistan... [George Bush's] decision to go in, in retrospect, almost all of us think that that was a horrible mistake." Continue reading

Keith Olbermann vs. Glenn Beck: Who is the Bigger Douchebag?

Glenn Beck vs. Keith Olbermann: Watching either of their shows brings us uncomfortably near the absolute epitome of douchebag, but alas, when push comes to shove, only one can be the victor. Here I will discuss their individual merits and try to determine who can rightfully claim the throne in all of its douche-filled glory... But when the chips are down, we all know that it is either Keith Olbermann or Glenn Beck who will hold the crown of greatest douchebag in the history of the world. Continue reading
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