Keynesian Economics

Peter Schiff Testifies Before the Congressional Jobs Committee

If you missed Peter Schiff’s testimony before the Congressional Jobs Committee last week, it is a must see. For fans of Schiff, you’ve heard much of this before but it is fascinating to watch the committee and the panel react… Continue reading

The Key to Countering Keynes by @FriedrichHayek

The following is a comment posted by Greg Ransom, the purveyor of the F.A. Hayek Twitter handle @FriedrichHayek and Editor-in-Chief of The post highlights the key to countering Keynes from a Hayekian perspective. The chief criticism of Keynes… Continue reading

Austrians vs. Keynesians: A Case Study

The Keynesian model and the Austrian economic philosophy continue to lock horns. Similar ideas have gone toe to toe for three centuries now trying to explain the business cycle. Thomas Malthus and Jean-Baptiste Say made their case in the 19th century,… Continue reading

Do Tax Cuts Spur Economic Growth?

The effect of tax cuts is often debated. Free marketers tend to claim that tax cuts, most notably in capital gains and corporate income tax rates, inevitably spur economic growth. Keynesians often claim that tax cuts hurt job and wage… Continue reading

The Onion Nails Keynesian Economics

The Onion News Network, easily the most trusted name in news, released a brief entitled “Revamped WPA To Create 50,000 New Jobs By Disassembling, Reassembling Hoover Dam.” The WPA was the make-work or public works program during the New… Continue reading

The Long and Short of It — Don’t Rely on the Economists

Be wary of the economists in power.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

In 1984 Larry Summers and Greg Mankiw, two of the top 20 rated economists according to the RePEc Author Service, wrote a well-touted paper entitled… Continue reading

Keynes vs Hayek: Round 2

Legendary economists F.A. Hayek and John Maynard Keynes already came back to life to rap-off about business cycle theory in a music video. Now, they’re doing round 2 live (and yes, I am an economics nerd):


For more SwiftEconomics,… Continue reading

Is Obama a Keynesian?

Why should anyone know anything about economics?


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Did World War II Get Us Out of the Depression? Paul Krugman Thinks So. I Don’t.

Dig hole... Fill hole back in... Become Rich!

Paul Krugman is back spouting more nonsense than ever. It’s not on par with his most epic screw up; when in 2002 he recommended “Alan Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble… Continue reading

Top Ten Economics Debates

10. Ron Paul vs. Charles Partee – 1983: The Gold Standard

Congressman Ron Paul has been discussing Austrian economics, the gold standard and the Federal Reserve for a long time now. To prove this, I went ahead and dug up… Continue reading

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