Rand Paul’s Pragmatic Compromise

Rand Paul has put forth an interesting solution to the debt ceiling that might appease both Democrats and Republicans: Instead of raising taxes during a recession to appease the Democrats, just make the wealthy pay for their entitlements.

Of course… Continue reading

Paul Ryan Explains Choice & Competition To HHS Secretary

Paul Ryan spoke directly to Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius today about Medicare reform. At the crux of his thesis: health care is missing patient choice, competition, and price signals. Meanwhile, a board of 15 unelected people… Continue reading

Justin Bieber Disapproves of the US Health Care System

16-year-old popstar Justin Bieber isn’t a fan of the US health care system. The Canadian voiced his displeasure in the February 18th edition of Rolling Stone (which he happened to grace the cover of). When asked if he wanted to… Continue reading

New York Times Has Cool Budget Tools

Not So Easy To Do

I’m not a particular fan of The New York Times, but they have some very cool features on what they call the Deficit Project.

First there’s this nice interactive chart on government spending… Continue reading

Dr. Drew Discusses Medicare Reimbursement Cuts, Health Care

Dr. Drew paid a visit to The Adam Carolla Show, broadcast on November 25th, 2010, to riff with his former Loveline co-host. Among the topics were Dr. Drew’s continual gravitation towards libertarianism and both men’s frustration with oppressive government.… Continue reading

Should the New Health Care Plan Cover Birth Control?

The welfare state is ratcheting up. Can we afford not to provide publicly funded contraception?

Birth control is a hot button issue. It’s availability to the masses is more than a political matter; it has far-reaching economic consequences in a… Continue reading

Identifying Health Care Problems and Solutions

Like the financial reform bill, the Affordable Care Act falls short of addressing systemic problems.

Some Americans go without health insurance because they have what insurance companies call a pre-existing condition. Upon filling out the depressingly thick application for… Continue reading

The Human Capital Model for Personal Health

Alas, all of our piggy, I mean, panda banks, are made in China now. Fill them with human capital.

Over the years, I’ve encountered seemingly countless perspectives on personal health. From fad dieting to fasting, running to yoga, and organic… Continue reading

Health Insurance Conundrum

Health care reform debates dazzled us with extremes like single-payer, total government takeover, and death panels. It ended up somewhere rather less unspectacular: regulating the health insurance industry. What this 2,309 page bill lacks in sizzle, though, it makes up… Continue reading

Paul Ryan: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has been getting a lot of pub lately. I saw a few interviews with him online which seemed promising as a voice of reason within the entitlement and debt spending arena. I described him on our Twitter feed as "one of the most lucid politicians I've heard in some time", and declared "The US debt, entitlement disaster may have at least one hope in DC, and his name is Congressman #PaulRyan". Continue reading
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