monetary policy

Manufacturing in America

Most people agree that in order to be a great nation, you must make stuff and export it around the world. It is hard to imagine that an over-leveraged service economy spells prosperity for the future. While US manufacturing is… Continue reading

The Banks Are Still Hoarding Money

Inflation has been picking up. The latest report indicated that gas prices surged 3.3% in April, and are up 33.1% over the past year. Food prices rose 0.4% during April, or 3.2% over the last 12 months. The government’s CPI… Continue reading

Printing Money and Stocks

The Federal Reserve has been printing money at a historic clip and buying up toxic assets for a shade under three years now — in response to the financial crisis. The technical term for their easy money policies is known… Continue reading

Monetary Policy: Paying Interest on Reserves

The Federal Reserve, a gift from the Woodrow Wilson administration.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this website chastising the Federal Reserve, government, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for leading us into this economic mess. Alan Greenspan and… Continue reading

Ron Paul to Head Congressional Federal Reserve Oversight

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas will become chairman of the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy due to Republicans winning back majority in the House of Representatives. Most people haven’t heard of this committee, namely because it hasn’t done much… Continue reading

Currency Wars

The United States has been pressuring the Chinese to let the yuan appreciate for months now. U.S. financial leadership claims that China’s currency is undervalued and, without going as far to say, that they are currency manipulators.

Managing director of… Continue reading

Chris Rock Sheds Some Light on the US Dollar

Leave it to comedian Chris Rock to educate Americans on the value of the US dollar. Appearing on Letterman, Rock lets us know that wherever you go around the globe, people have reservations about the greenback. And in other urgent… Continue reading

Why Gold is the Go-To Asset to Store Value

Many people wonder what makes gold special as a store of value. When inflation fears set in, people flock to gold. One answer is that the dollar used to be backed by gold. An even better answer I will leave to Judy Shelton, an economist and director of the National Endowment for Democracy: Continue reading

Gold Bullion Touches Record High

Gold bullion futures touched a record high $1,045 in yesterday's trading session in New York. If you believe in stock indexes breaking through resistance points, this may be just that for bullion. Continue reading
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