public debt

2000s: Stagnant Wages and Zero Net Jobs Created

If a president’s performance was solely based on how the economy performs during their stay in office, George W. Bush may have been the worst president in US history. Clearly there are other measures to judge a presidency. GWB, for… Continue reading

H.R. 4646: The 1% Transaction Tax to “Phase Out” Federal Income Tax

Is the government serious about a substantial change in tax policy?

As we weather a financial crisis, sit on more than $13 trillion in public debt, and stare unsustainable entitlements in the face, it’s no secret that a resurgent movement… Continue reading

History is Not Bunk Unless Someone Important Wants It to Be

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

Late in the fall of 1988 the accounting firm, Coopers & Lybrand (C&L), won a competitive award to construct a computer system that collected the monthly security and loan information relating to… Continue reading

America: It’s Time To Stand Up And Scream “We Want New Leadership”

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

Where is Howard Beale when we need him?  Two years into the Greatest Recession Since the Great Depression (GRSGD) and our financial leaders are still telling us that we need to be… Continue reading

The Fannie-Freddie Treasury Conference–What Needs to be Done

The house that mortgage debt built.

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

Tomorrow the Secretary of the Treasury is holding a conference to begin deciding what to do about the Government Sponsored Enterprises that we love to call… Continue reading

Open Letter on Financial Reform

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me what I would say in an open letter to a group of Independents if they asked me what I thought of the… Continue reading

How 25 Years Of Mismanagement At Fannie & Freddie Caused The Financial Crisis

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

The current financial crisis did not happen because investment companies were dealing in derivative products that no one understood (the simplistic general Democratic explanation), nor was it a result of an abnormal… Continue reading

Central Banks Stockpiling Gold

Gold, the safe haven investment for those wishing to hedge against inflation and debt, has been maligned by some traders as an emotional investment. Outspoken economists David Rosenberg and Peter Schiff have called for $3,000/oz and $5,000/oz (and possibly… Continue reading

Mortgage-Backed Securities: Where We Went Wrong

By Jim Boswell, author of Crush Depth Alert

During the 15-year period between 1992 and 2007 American homeowners increased the total amount of their housing debt from $2.8 trillion to $10.2 trillion, almost a three-fold increase of $7.4 trillion! This… Continue reading

China Watch

China Watch is brought to you by the belief that the Chinese stand to gain the most out of the global economic recession/depression, and the United States' subsequent response to the financial crisis and sinking economy. Continue reading
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