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DIY Disasters: Part 5

Apparently some do-it-yourselfers don’t do things perfectly each time… who woulda thought, ehh? Anyways, that’s what I’m here to document for all you lovely people:

Stairs to Nowhere:

OK, this wasn’t a fix, this is just disgusting (no folks, that… Continue reading

Bill Syrios on Real Estate Investment

A few weeks back my father, who started Stewardship Properties back in 1989, gave a talk to the Eugene Real Estate Investment Group on his career and advice on real estate investment. I recommend that any aspiring real estate investors,… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 4

This installment is all one house and could probably better be titled as “Why Meth is Bad, Kids” or perhaps “Meth and Useless, Free Wooden Crates You Can Tear Apart For Scrap Don’t Mix.”

When we bought this house and… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 3

And so we continue. This one’s a bit hard to see, but look carefully at what this door opens into to:

Well at least that’s to code, this is a wee bit more questionable:

At least this one isn’t, umm,… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 2

In my continuing series of things that people did themselves, but should not have (part 1 here), we have a whole host of new ways over zealous people have screwed up some of the most mundane things. Sometimes a… Continue reading

DIY Disasters: Part 1

For my real job in the non-cyber world, I invest in real estate (yes, it was a bit hairy circa 2007) in Kansas City. While I’m no fan of licences and permit laws (John Stossel and Walter Williams have a… Continue reading

China’s Ghost Cities and the Asian Real Estate Bubble

After meandering throughTom Woods’ blog I saw this 60 Minutes video he posted about the Chinese ghost cities. This isn’t like the North Korean city of Kijŏng-dong, which was built by Kim Il-Sung with no intention of every… Continue reading

Effects of QE3 in the Housing Market

In yet another attempt at jump starting the economy, the Federal Reserve’s latest major stimulus action, known as QE3, is likely to have less effect on the housing market than Fed Chairman Ben Bernake would hope.

QE3, shorthand for the third “quantitative… Continue reading

A Case Study in Government Stupidity: Cincinnati, OH

The names and pictures of this building and those involved have been changed to protect the identity of the stupid.


We all know the government has a bad habit of spending an ungodly amount of money for no good… Continue reading


In the real world I work in real estate investment (yes, it’s been an interesting ride over the past couple years). Like just about every other industry, it’s important to educate yourself about the field. Unfortunately, while there is a… Continue reading

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