Obama vs Obama on Wiretapping

While it’s nothing new that politicians over promise and lie their way into office only to do a 180 (we all remember George Bush’s “humble foreign policy” right). But it’s always helpful to have it illustrated after the fact. Here’s… Continue reading

Yes, Liberals are “Anti-Science” Too

So Michael Shermer made a bit of a splash earlier this year when he wrote there was a “liberal war on science” in addition to—not instead of—a conservative war on science. As he says:

The left’s war on science begins… Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Presidential Election or How Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Cured My Interest in Politics

I must be the most ill-informed political blogger there is out there right now, at least when it comes to current events. Oh how things change… where I once had my finger on the pulse of the political zeitgeist, here… Continue reading

Dishonest Arguing Tactics – The GOP Convention

What do you mean I didn’t build that? I totally built that you good-for-nothing commie! Or something like that. Apparently Obama thinks bureaucrats built the United States instead of entrepreneurs. Indeed, that seemed to be the entire theme of the recent… Continue reading

Dishonest Arguing Tactics – The Newsroom

OK, so I bashed the Republicans, now it’s the Democrats’ turn. There’s plenty to pick from whichever group you pick. I’ll stay away from the easy stuff, like recent accusations that the Republicans condone rape (yeah, Todd Akin is a… Continue reading

Paul Ryan is Fiscally Conservative?

So Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s choice for the “Guy Who Won’t Actually Do Anything but Will Hopefully Win Me Some Swing Voters In A Close State” known formally as the vice president. This has upset many liberals who believe… Continue reading

Turns Out that Romney and Obama are Virtually Identical

As I’ve pointed out before, Barack Obama is not much different than George W. Bush (see here and here). Well, as this excellent video shows, apparently Mitt Romney is also the same as Barack Obama… who would have thunkit?… Continue reading

Governor Christie Comes Out Against the War on Drugs (mostly)

It’s good to see mainstream conservative Republicans coming around:


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Does Rick Santorum think the Shah Gave Iranians Freedom?

In yesterday’s Republican primary, Rick Santorum went on a bit of a rant about how Iran is our enemy and evil and all that jazz. To which Ron Paul responded:

OK, the senator — the senator is wrong on… Continue reading

The Ruse of “Budget Cuts”

So we almost had this odious “government shutdown” because the Republicans wanted to cut a heartless $60 billion from the budget and the Democrats only wanted to cut cuddly $30 billion. Luckily we averted it with a $38 billion dollar… Continue reading

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