Presidential Debate from a European Perspective

The letter from the German authorities caught my attention. Mostly because it was asking for a bunch of money, but also because of what was going on back home in the U.S.

The letter was to inform me that, because… Continue reading

We Pay a Lot of Different Taxes

It’s sort of comical when someone complies a list of the taxes and fees our government imposes on us. It puts into perspective why all government budget crises are much more a spending problem than a revenue problem. Lists like… Continue reading

Yes, We Are Going Bankrupt

Michael Moore stated at at a union rally in Wisconsin that the United States is not bankrupt, the rich are simply hogging all the money. Well, there’s some truth to this, Obama has certainly carried on the Bush way of… Continue reading

Now Obama Says the Health Insurance Mandate is a Tax

“Tax: A sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.”


It was a staple of Barack Obama’s campaign that he would not raise taxes… Continue reading

Is The United States Going Bankrupt?

Renowned economic historian Niall Ferguson is usually even-keeled with his predictions. That was not the case about a month ago when he warned that the United States could be nearing a sudden collapse:

“I think this is a problem that… Continue reading

State Death Match: Texas vs. California

Throughout much of our nation’s history, US federalism has moved toward centralizing power within the federal government. Since the post-bailout hysteria and most recent public sector expansion, the issue of states’ rights has had a renaissance. Some Americans… Continue reading

Zombie Reagan Raised From Dead To Lead GOP

The GOP is back, with a new, yet old, face to lead the party. Zombie Ronald Reagan has been reanimated to assure Americans that Republicans have returned to their core values of fiscal responsibility. Reagan's 8 years in office resulted in an increase in gross federal debt by 18.5% as a percentage of GDP, but perhaps a mutated rabies virus has changed Reagan's fiscal intentions. (1) Continue reading

A History of Government Spending: The Ridiculously Awesome Version

Like the title says: Continue reading

Penn and Teller Take on the IRS

Penn and Teller take on the United States' ridiculous tax code in their hilarious show Bullsh*t. If only they could make the IRS magically disappear: Continue reading

Cap and Trade is a Regressive Tax, says Warren Buffett

Financial genius and democratic supporter Warren Buffett, describes the Cap and Trade bill headed for the senate as a "regressive tax." That it is: Continue reading
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