Thomas Sowell

Wealth Inequality in America: A Partial Critique

So I’m a little late on this one, but there is a viral video on wealth inequality in the United States going around that compares what a survey of 5000 Americans said they thought wealth inequality should be and then… Continue reading

Swift Reviews: Coming Apart

Coming Apart is the latest book from the highly controversial author, Charles Murray. It is definitely food for thought as well as quite alarming. Murray shows how the upper class and lower class of the United States have diverged in… Continue reading

Media Matters Criticizes Me (sort of) and Unknowingly Makes a Major Concession in the Process

So Media Matters, a truly unbiased organization if there ever was one, ran an article criticizing conservatives for denying the alleged wage gap between men and women. The article particularly criticized Alex Castellanos, who got into a bit of… Continue reading

Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams on the Minimum Wage

Two legends discuss the problems behind the minimum wage, another good intention (well maybe) with unintended consequences (well, maybe again). Another great video from LibertyPen’s YouTube channel:


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Differences ≠ Discrimination (necessarily)

It's Not This Simple Folks

Say you’re walking home on the wrong side of the tracks late at night and you see a young, black man walking toward you. Do you become nervous? If so, does that make you a… Continue reading

Thomas Sowell on the Wage Gap

So I’ve been getting some flak in the comments for my articles arguing women don’t make less than men for the same work and own much more than 1% of the world’s wealth (nothing on the one saying the female/male… Continue reading

Affordable Housing: Making Housing Unaffordable for Decades

Thomas Sowell explains:



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Tough Teachers

With mid-term elections in full swing, a plethora of campaigns are preaching education reform. Being a teacher may be as tough as its ever been considering school funding issues, increased class sizes, constraints with disciplining children, and generally teachers… Continue reading

Nullification and Civil Disobedience

Nullification has long been thought of as a dead issue, but it has made a bit of comeback of late. The issue is whether states can nullify, or not enforce, federal laws they find to be unconstitutional. The constitutionality and… Continue reading

Intellectuals and Economics: Thomas Sowell Cuts Through the Fog

Intellectuals have some very bad incentives according to renowned economist Thomas Sowell. He defines an intellectual as someone's who's end product are ideas (i.e. not an engineer, scientist, medical doctor, etc.). While admitting that he himself is an intellectual, he condemns that lunacy that pervades the intellectual community. The problem is there are no checks on their ideas. If an engineer builds a bridge and it collapses, that engineer has failed. However, if an intellectual pushes for certain policies that turn out to be disastrously wrong, they rarely face any ramifications for this whatsoever. Continue reading
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