How the Current Economic Climate Affects Pretty Girls, Part II

She needs a couple more hours in a tanning booth, doesn't she? Please take a moment and note the eyeliner in the background.


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In… Continue reading

Swift Wits: Is the Recession Over? A 23 Trillion Dollar Bailout and 30-Year-Old Happy Meals

Not so fast there slick. Up and down swings are extremely common, recession or not. Bear market rallies were actually quite common in the Great Depression. Continue reading

A Cato Institute Look Into a Second (Third Actually) Stimulus

Can anyone site one credible example where Keynesian economics and budget deficit spending effectively created economic growth? Continue reading

Authenticating…Cashless Society

But if the economy doesn’t turnaround in a meaningful way by the end of President Obama’s first term, what is the next move for central planners? Just when you think they’ve ran out of bullets, they pull out a golden gun. Could the next move be a nudge towards a cashless society? Whispers of such an about-face have turned into legitimate policy debates in Japan. The total shift to electronic money would be designed, and sold to the Japanese people, as a way to fight the deflationary spiral they’ve battled for a decade plus (coined "the lost decade"). Nothing scares the central bankers more than deflation. And nothing works better to push through policy than fear. Americans have learned all about fear mongering through both the Bush and Obama administrations. Continue reading

CPAs Should Run the Feds

Social costs are not being reduced by the bailout, they’re being dispersed: to the taxpayer, to everyone who earns or saves the U.S. dollar and to unborn generations of Americans. Continue reading

Job Hunt: Can Government “Create” Anything?

Said simply: the factors of production must be handled by free enterprise. The more factors of production the government seizes, the less efficient we become. Inefficiency lowers productivity, stifles competitiveness and lowers living standards. Continue reading

Swift Wits: Stimulating Job Loss, Goldflation and the Volatile Chastity Market

The May numbers are out and the United States lost over 500,000 jobs last month. The Dow Jones may have rebounded some, but every liberal, and most conservatives, will tell you that just affects those evil rich people. Average folks are still losing their jobs despite bailout after stimulus after bailout, etc. Continue reading

How the Current Economic Climate Affects Pretty Girls

Keep singing your cheery song, pretty girls


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Real GDP has contracted 6.1% in the first quarter of 2009. Personal income… Continue reading

Sorry Folks, War is Actually Not Good For the Economy

In 1759, Voltaire wrote his satirical, Magnum Opus, Candide, eponymously named after the main character, who after leading a sheltered life for many years, comes to the realization that all is not right in the world, and we must… Continue reading

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